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Fiesta Bowl

If both ND and Penn State win out, possible Fiesta Bowl implications? Ahhhh.......the memories. Great old school match up. Props to Joe Pa for giving all his critics the finger. He earned the right to go out on his own terms. Maybe this is his last hurrah?
Nice to actually be involved in the BCS mix again, although the BCS is complete crap. Just hope we can see some sort of playoff system soon. College football should assemble a selection committee. The mens basketball selection committee is one of the most respected groups is sports. Just picture it.... Selection Saturday!! Pick a selected amount of teams and let them duke it out on the field. Sure someone's always gonna complain when their team gets left out, but its much better than anything in place now.
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January 3 2006, 09:12:11 UTC 12 years ago

uh your team blows. Find a real school with a real football team. Not a bunch of overzealous biblethumpers with hairy bush nuns for cheerleaders.

PS cut your hair you fuckin red neck. Even Joe Dirt thinks you're wack.